MarkLight 2.2.0 Released

May 10, 2016
Version highlights:

  1. Resource Dictionary - Allows you to bind globally accessible values to view fields. Can be used to do localization or to adjust your game to different screen sizes. Functionality explained in the tutorial Resource Dictionaries.

  2. Static Transformation Methods - Allows you to use static methods in your multi bindings:
    <Label Text="$MyView.StaticMethod({Value1}, {Value2})" />

Change Log

  • Static methods can be used as transformation methods in multi bindings using the notation: $ViewType.StaticMethod(...)
  • Resource dictionaries added that can be used to bind dictionary values to view fields (e.g. for localization)
  • Fixed so resources can be programmatically loaded from the Resources folder during runtime
  • Fixed bug where "\n" wasn't translated into newlines in Label text
  • Added CanvasGroup property to View so it can be accessed externally
  • Fixed so underscore _ is allowed in binding paths
  • Fixed bug where using DisableInteractionScrollDelta caused performance problems when scrolling panel
  • Fixed bug where IsActive always was set to True at initialization even if set to False in XUML
  • Added CreateView<T> to View that can be used to create child views instead of ViewData.CreateView<T>
  • Added InitializeViews method to View that can be used instead of ViewPresenter.Instance.InitializeViews
  • Fixed bug where ScrollRect.CanScrollVertically mapped to the wrong field

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