What is MarkLight?

MarkLight is a markup extension framework for Unity that offers XUML a markup language (like HTML/XAML) used to create views in your scene (UI, meshes, lights, cameras, etc) and connect them to the underlying game logic. The views you create can then easily be combined, extended, styled, shared and customized to your wants.

Getting Started

I recommend you start by following the Getting Started with MarkLight where you can learn the fundamentals through the process of creating a main game menu. Be sure to check out the tutorials and API docs.

Conversation & Support

If you want to connect, converse and ask for help:

Latest Announcements

MarkLight 2.7.0 Released! Jan 10, 2017
MarkLight 2.6.0 Released! Sep 9, 2016
MarkLight 2.5.0 Released! Aug 23, 2016
MarkLight 2.4.1 Released! Jul 1, 2016
MarkLight 2.3.0 Released! May 25, 2016
MarkLight 2.2.0 Released! May 10, 2016
Added Resource Dictionary tutorial May 9, 2016
Added State Management tutorial May 1, 2016
Added Creating Animations tutorial April 30, 2016
Added Themes and Styles tutorial April 30, 2016
MarkLight 2.1.0 Released! April 27, 2016

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