MarkLight 2.3.0 Released

May 25, 2016
Version highlights:

  1. Scrollable Lists - Lists can be made scrollable through the IsScrollable field. This means the TabPanel Headers, ComboBox and DataGrid can be made scrollable as well (through the magic of object composition). ScrollTo method also added to ObservableList for scrolling to items in the list. See the new AdvancedLists scene for an example.

  2. List Item Pooling - List items can be pooled (pre-created and ready to be used) which improves performance when dynamically adding new items. List pooling is activated by setting PoolSize (initial pool size) and MaxPoolSize (if you want the pool size to grow as items are added) on the List view.

  3. View Switcher Animations - You can now add two new animations to the view switcher: TransitionInReverse and TransitionOutReverse that are activated when switching to a view whose child index is lower than the current one. This is to be able to create different animations when transitioning to next or previous view. See the new ViewSwitcherExample scene for an example.
    next previous animation

Change Log

  • Two more examples added: AdvancedLists and ViewSwitcher
  • Embedded scroll functionality to List view activated through IsScrollable field
  • Scrollable ComboBox through IsScrollable and ListHeight fields
  • Added ScrollTo method to ObservableList for scrolling to items in the list
  • Minimizing of redundant objects in the hierarchy, added fields to remove certain unused objects (such as list mask)
  • Content in the Panel is no longer inside a Frame by default
  • ShowVerticalScrollbar and ShowHorizontalScrollbar replaced by HorizontalScrollbarVisibility and VerticalScrollbarVisibility enum
  • Added CanReselect field to List that allows items to be selected even if they already are selected, used by ComboBox to allow same item to be selected in the drop-down
  • Fixed bugs in Slider, RadialMenu, ComboBox and Window where mouse position calculation logic not working correctly in scaled canvases
  • Added UseListMask boolean to List which removes the list mask object from the hierarchy if set to False (default)
  • View pooling functionality to improve performance when dynamically creating items
  • The List view can be configured to use view pooling for improved performance when creating list items
  • Fixed bug where views without view models didn't show up in the view presenter list
  • Fixed bug where BaseDirectory is not used when bindings values propagate
  • ViewSwitcher now supports reversed animations useful when you want different transitions previous->next and next->previous
  • Fixed bug with view switcher not working correctly with both transition in and out animations and when switching fast
  • Added DisableItemArrangement bool to List view for the option to disable default list item grouping layout
  • Fixed so XSD schema for resource dictionaries are generated
  • Fixed bug where buttons stayed in highlighted state when they were deactivated when pressed
  • Fixed bug where static transformation method "Format" had incorrect signature
  • Performance improvements in how layout changes propagates in groups and lists

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