MarkLight 2.6.0 Released

Sep 9, 2016
Version highlights:

  1. TextMeshPro InputField - Continuing TextMeshPro integration by adding the InputField. TextMeshPro can be activated by adding a global define (see instruction in Please Read This.txt).

  2. View Actions Made Global - All view actions triggered by the unity event system (Click, Drag, etc) are moved to the View base class, e.g. all views can now have a Click handler.

  3. Percentage Margins - Margins can be specified in percentage. There is a new LayoutExample scene demonstrating how to do basic layout.

Change Log

  • Added Text Mesh Pro InputField integration
  • All view actions triggered by the unity event system (Click, Drag, MouseUp, etc) are now residing in the base View class and as such is available in all views
  • Fixed so mouse-wheel/track pad can be used to scroll in lists
  • Margins can now be specified in percentage as well as pixels
  • Added LayoutExample scene demonstrating how we can adjust the layout of a region by changing Alignment, Margin and Offset
  • Added ViewField.ObjectValue for setting dependency fields using value of a different type, e.g. Button.Width.ObjectValue = "100%";
  • Added ToggleClick view action on buttons that inject the toggle-state of the button when triggered
  • Added RemappedField used if you want to change the mapping (MapTo) of a dependency view field in a derived class
  • Added generic ComponentValueConverter so component fields such as RenderCamera can be specified in XUML as string which is the path/name of the game object
  • Fixed bug where inherited style values (BasedOn) was added after the inherited values (potentially overwriting them)
  • Fixed bug where Text Mesh Pro Label text updates its size after the text is rendered causing flickering
  • Fixed so UIView.BackgroundImageOverrideSprite now works as intended and overrides the background sprite if set
  • Double clicking on error messages/warnings in console now brings you to the line the error was printed

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